Become a Certified Crystal Shamanic Healer, CCSH

In This (4) hour power workshop you will become well acquainted with the aligning and healing energetics of crystals.  

This workshop will equip you to use Crystal Therapy for your personal practice and/or to equip you to facilitate Crystal Therapy in your healing practice. 

This Workshop is recommended to all who are in healthcare, massage therapists, reiki practioners, and those who are drawn to Crystals.

 If you or a loved one are currently experiencing health problems ~ This workshop is a must!

You will first learn about the nature of Crystals and Vibration and how all is energy and vibration. How to clear and charge crystals and maintain your crystals for maximum benefits.

You will learn about each of the 7 Chakra’s and the correlation to each Crystal to Chakra. You will learn how to identify Chakra Blockages and learn how to use the Crystals to clear any chakra blockages and how to strategically place the crystals on the body for maximum healing and alignment, for yourself or another.

We will learn about sacred space and the (4) elements and how they relate to Crystal Therapy. Learning how to apply and facilitate.

We will also learn how to use sound and vibration in conjunction with Crystal Therapy, Crystal Grids and Crystal Gem Elixirs. We will learn about Chakra Tuning Forks in conjunction with the Crystals and Crystal Healing Sound Bowls.

We will learn how to create Crystal Grids for manifestation, empowerment and clearing.

We will touch base on Crystal Gem Elixirs and how to create and use the Elixirs for healing.

There will also be hands on training ~ where you will get to experience first hand the aligning and healing energy of the crystals as there will be a guided sound healing meditation where crystals will be strategically placed onto your body while you lay and receive a Shamanic Crystal Healing Journey.  

The journey will also clear and align your Chakra’s so you will be receiving healing for yourself! You will also get to sample the Crystal Gem Elixirs! and receive your certification in Crystal Healing!

This workshop will begin in a class like setting and then end with a personal healing shamanic journey.  You will experience the aligning and healing power of the crystals personally!

This (4) hour workshop includes all handouts and a guided Shamanic Crystal Healing Sound Meditation and your Certification for Shamanic Crystal Healing ™  

If Class is taken in person Water and Teavana Tea and light snacks will be provided and included in workshop price.  If this workshop is taken online then one will not partake in the libations. The online students will receive a special crystal gift for registering.